Eating out: Keto-Friendly

First allow me to say this: We do not recommend fast food. That said, there are some fast food companies that are willing to accommodate the Keto Lifestyle. We will list them as we find them or they are recommended to us.

Wendy’s – Wendy’s will create a ‘bunless’ burger with lots of fat… just be sure to ask to remove keto-unfriendly ketchup

There are other, Finer Dining establishments that we have either personally been to or have been recommended as Keto-friendly to us. If you visit any of these restaurants, PLEASE let us know about your experience.

Ramblin Jack’s RibEye, Chehalis and Olympia, WA, USA (Review) Will accommodate. Excellent Smoked meats. One of our favorites!

Moe’s Southwest Grill (review)

Grille from Ipanema Brazilian Steak house, Coeur d’Alene, ID, Seattle, WA, USA (review to be written soon!)

Chipotle Restaurants – Across the USA – known to have Keto-friendly selections

Five Guys – Western USA – Keto Friendly ‘bunless burgers’ – Just ask.

Jimmy John’s – USA Nationwide – Lettuce Wrap sandwiches – Just ask.

Applebees – USA nationwide – (Review coming soon)

Red Lobster  – USA nationwide – (Review coming soon)

Texas Roadhouse – USA nationwide – (Review coming soon) Will accommodate. Great steaks!


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