Keto and Kote (Georgian: ქეთო და კოტე, Keto da kote) is a comic opera in three acts, by the Georgian composer Victor Dolidze who also wrote the libretto based on Avksenty Tsagareli’s 19th century romantic comedy Khanuma. Considered the first Georgian comic opera, Keto and Kote premiered in Tbilisi on December 11, 1919. An immediate success at its premiere, Dolidze’s opera remains a popular classic in Georgia and was made into a film in 1947 with additional music composed by Archil Kereselidze on traditional Georgian folk tunes.
A review in Opera of its 2003 performance by the Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theatre at the Rishon LeZion Spring Festival described it as “very much like a zarzuela in style with elements of commedia dell’arte”. The story revolves around the young lovers Keto, the daughter of a wealthy merchant, and Kote, nephew of the impoverished Prince Levan Palavandishvili. In order to marry, the couple must overcome several obstacles, including the machinations of two rival matchmakers, one of whom is determined to arrange a marriage between Kote’s uncle Levan and Keto.

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