Keto Supplements – what to get, and where to get it

First, we want to be clear about one thing: before you buy or ingest any supplement, please, by all means do your research and that should include checking with a medical professional.  Most supplements simply are not needed if you are eating properly and only if there is a specific deficiency – they are rarely cure-alls.

That said, there are some useful supplements while on the Keto way of eating that seems to help most folks and we’ll group those into two basic areas:

Electrolytes and Magnesium.

Below are some resources for these items. We do not endorse or recommend other supposed “Keto approved” powders or stuff that’s supposed to put you into ketosis. We would advise avoiding that stuff entirely.


You can get all kinds of electrolyte solutions (like Pedialyte) however they are loaded with sugar or unacceptable sugar substitutes/artificial sweeteners. While some sweeteners are nearly unavoidable, we will list some of the better solutions that are palatable and should not throw you out of Ketosis:



Magnesium can be obtained through diet but for some reason we seem to need more than we get. A deficiency of magnesium is often the cause of what is known as “keto flu” and cramping. While pills work great on a daily basis, some powders that are designed to be mixed in water can, in some people, give near instant relief from some symptoms.  Below are some good sources, and please notice that we strongly recommend Magnesium Citrate (as opposed to Magnesium oxide or others) as it is far better absorbed:


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